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Why Grade My Product Titles

Improve Performance

Do you worry that your e-commerce isn’t giving you the results it should?

Improving titles has a measurable bottom-line impact. Evaluating product title will allow you to make types of changes that impact the factors you care about.

  • Increase Impressions
  • Increase Clicks
  • Increase CTR
  • Decrease CPC
  • Improve Ad Rank & Ad Quality
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Measure & Benchmark

Do you know how your product titles stack up?

If you can't measure the quality of your catalog you don't know if your product titles are getting better, how they compare to your competition, how much work needs to be done, or if your data initiatives working? You have to measure.

Prioritize Effort

Are you confused about where to start?

Once you know you have problems, and have a way to measure them, what do you work on first? Our evaluation gives you a prioritized list of changes to make that will have an impact immediately.

  • Step 1 - Remove "Free Shipping" & "On Sale"
  • Step 2 - Fix "Blk," "Fmeale" & "Shortsleeve"
  • Step 3 - Add Product Type to SKU B214501
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What Customers Say

What You'll Get

A free report with the results of 20 tests looking for particular kinds of title problems.

Compliance Errors

Will any of your products be blocked by Google? Prevent Merchant Center Errors on titles before they happen.

Content Errors

Are your product titles descriptive, informative, and clear? Find out where to add keywords or remove extraneous info.

Construction Errors

Are your titles constructed in an optimal way? Learn how to rearrange titles and make them complete.

FREE Product Title Grader

Are Your Product Titles Optimized?

Why We Created The Product Title Grader

We are passionate about optimizing product data to improve bottom-line results. In our years of experience, we have learned that the title is the single most important piece of data for each product in e-commerce. It’s the first thing your potential customers see when browsing your site, shopping on a marketplace, searching in Google shopping, and viewing a product ad.

Incomplete, inaccurate, or poorly-written titles drive customers away, decrease revenue, and increase costs. Well-written titles with clear information about the features of the product that customers care about increase impressions, clicks, and conversions, and decrease advertising cost per sale.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to study product data for years, spend months reading every online-marketplace rule, and then manually rewrite every title in your entire catalog to increase your SEO, PPC, and revenue. We made this tool available to you to harness our knowledge of product data and marketplace guidelines, and search through all the titles in your product feed, then show you examples of each kind of error, and guide you to exactly which titles to fix to maximize your bottom-line results for the least amount of work.

What Our Product Title Performance Grader Looks For

Forbidden Text Words that Google doesn’t allow in titles
Gimmicky Punctuation Symbols and patterns that draw attention to a particular word
Possible Typos Misspelled words that prevent searchers from finding your products
Suspect Abbreviations Abbreviations make it harder for people to read titles and search for products
Missing Spaces Spaces between words help readability and searching
Banned Characters Some unicode and HTML characters won’t display properly or indicate content that should not be in the title
Suspect Capitalization Titles should follow title case formatting except for brands and trademarks
Missing Titles
Product Type Not Detected Communicating what the product is/does is the most important content to customers
Duplicated Words Repeating content means your title can’t include other important information
Mismatched Brands Title data that contradicts data in other fields causes confusion
Missing Brands Brand is crucial to buying decisions in some product categories
Unclear Info Titles containing jargon, part numbers, and non-english words are hard to read
Not Enough Info Missing important information in the title prevents customers from finding and buying
Truncated Titles
Diluted Keywords Lots of unimportant words in the title will reduce the search rank of its important words
Brand in Wrong Place Consistent title patterns improve readability
Duplicate Titles Titles that are copies are either wrong or missing information that differentiates them
Improper Punctuation Punctuation errors make your title and product seem low quality

What Should My Product Titles Contain?

The 4 kinds of information that every product title should have:

  • Product Type
  • Variant Attributes
  • Buyer Intent Attributes
  • Price Justification Attributes

Product Type is what a product is and does. If your title doesn't tell people what the product is or how it can solve their problems, why would they click on it?

Some titles are missing a product type completely.
Example: '6 Piece Kit (1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2"'. That could be anything from hole-saws to fabric ribbon.

Other product titles have a very vague product type.
Example: 'No Lye Cleaner'. We can see that it's a cleaner, but have no idea what problem is solves. Is it for bathrooms, or laundry, or driveways, or litter boxes? By itself, 'cleaner' is a poor product type.

Variant Attributes are required by Google Shopping to distinguish between products within a group that vary based something like size/color. It's confusing for a shopper to see multiple products with the same name, and have no clue which one actually meets their needs. These are commonly appended to the end of the title, either manually or automatically by a PIM.

Buyer Intent Attributes are the features/properties of a product that a shopper cares about when they type in their search terms into Google. They are what separates someone who is just browsing or curious from someone who knows what they want and are ready to purchase. Example: "bowling shoes" could be someone is curious about what bowling shoes look like, what makes them special, how much they cost, but "size 11 bowling shoes padded tongue" is someone who wants to buy. If you are getting good CTR on your product ads, but having trouble getting as many conversions as you think you should, these could be what are missing from your titles. Or put more eloquently, "People's why is all over your search query report. If you don't go looking for it, you're missing out on the why." — Teagan Rae
Note: these also make for good Negative Keywords for your Google Shopping Product Campaigns at the high-priority/low-cost level because you do want to bid more for a likely customer.

Price Justification Attributes are the particular properties of your product that explain why your product is a worth the price listed. Example: when I search for "mens bomber jacket", I see many products in the price range of $20-40, and one that is $140. When I look at the difference between it and the other product titles, I see that it is made of leather. This explains why it is much more . But if the attribute "leather" were missing from the title, I would be very unlikely to choose that product when there are cheaper ones that listing the same set of features.

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Enhancements Made to Title Grader

In June 2017 we added confidence and severity measurements to each title check to help you prioritize the worst problems, and distinguish cases where exceptions to marketplace rules are allowed (for example, an all uppercase trademark, or a deliberately misspelled word printed on a t-shirt). You can read more about our flexible error detection.

In July 2017 we added 5 new tests looking for missing and duplicate titles, truncated titles, gimmicky and improper punctuation.

Will FindWAtt Fix My Title Problems For Me?

We’re in the process of developing and testing a tool to automatically fix many title errors based on what is discovered in the Title Grader. Some missing information will still have to be added manually. If you need help with improving your titles or need to generate entirely new titles, you can contact us at